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satsuma press

Satsuma Press is Lynn Russell’s small-scale letterpress studio. Lynn fancies good, simple design that is pleasing to the eye and mind; refreshing color and lush paper; plenty of open space and quiet, graceful beauty.

She believes in the following: fine craftsmanship, finding joy in the work she does, and that letterpress printing is a thing of beauty. In order to stay true to these beliefs, she makes sure to also make and keep time for cooking, eating, and appreciating good food; knitting and reading; and thinking of ways to bring KINDRED makers together.

Lynn likes a brand new notebook, a freshly made bed, clean wood floors, a perfect peach, the color ochre, making lists, Mexican coke in a bottle, dresses with pockets.

Lynn dislikes green peppers, scratchy wool, typos, the smell of marigolds, driving on the freeway, flannel sheets, price tags that don’t peel off easily.

20 Questions

1. Coffee or tea? Coffee, Chemex. For years, I was a tea-only drinker, but Chemex brought me back to coffee.

2. What’s the last great book you read, or just an all-time favorite? The Family Fang by Kevin Wilson.

3. Favorite season/time of year? Fall.

4. Sweet or savory? Savory, but sweet with salt is awfully good, too.

5. Can you drive stick shift? Yep!

6. Favorite type of pen and/or pencil? Pentel mechanical drafting pencil

7. Secret junk food vice? American cheese on hamburgers.

8. Early bird or night owl? Early bird, by necessity.

9. Are you a list-maker? On your computer, or with pen and paper? Always, everywhere, for everything.

10. Where were you born? Penang, Malaysia.

11. Would you rather cook, or do the dishes? Cook, but I don’t leave much clean up so if you eat with me, you’re in luck with dishes.

12. Do you dance in public or would you rather not? Not so much.

13. Are you spontaneous or do you like to plan ahead? A planner, mostly.

14. Do you buy books or use the public library? Both. I buy books, but only keep the ones I would recommend to others. Inexplicably, I fail to return library books in a timely manner.

15. Do you have a favorite place in San Francisco? I have a thing for Burma Superstar, salted caramel ice cream from bi-rite, canele de bordeaux from Boulette’s Larder. (I like to find good things to eat wherever I go.) Although I don’t just eat while in San Francisco. My friend, Heidi, took me to March last time I was there. It’s a really lovely shop and I wanted everything there.

16. Do you consider yourself an optimist? Yes.

17. Cats or dogs? Neither or both? Kittens.

18. Favorite color? Ochre.

19. Are you able to go to the grocery store and buy only what’s on your list? Never. I often make a list and then find that I don’t have it once I’m actually at the grocery store which accounts for some of the random things that end up in the cart.

20. Are you good at math? Yes.

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