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byrd & belle

Angie Davis is the maker behind byrd & belle. Based in Minneapolis, Angie started byrd & belle in 2008 and, since then has constructed thousands of sleeves and cases and shipped them to over 35 countries around the world. (Both Teresa and Lynn are owners of byrd & belle cases – and love them. )

Angie has a degree in architecture and practiced for nearly 10 years before starting her studio. She draws heavily on her experience in architecture and the design sensibility she formed during those years carries over into the clean, minimal aesthetic of her work.

P.S. Angie is going to be sending some new cases for the iPad mini, too!!

Angie likes iced coffee, dresses/skirt with pockets, maps, mowing the lawn, knee socks, people who make things, etymology, airports, and pinstripes.

Angie dislikes running errands, wall-to-wall carpet, multitasking, fluorescent lighting, ambient noise, and the color orange.

Twenty Questions with Angie

1. Coffee or tea? Coffee in the morning. Tea at night.

2. What’s the last great book you read, or just an all-time favorite? I just finished Driftless by David Rhoades. It takes place (and was written) near where I grew up in northeast Iowa. It is a beautiful piece of contemporary midwestern fiction.

3. Favorite season/time of year? June in Minnesota is absolutely perfect and almost makes it worth living through a Minnesota winter. Almost.

4. Album you have on repeat right now? Polica, Give You The Ghost

5. Can you drive stick shift? Yes

6. Favorite type of pen and/or pencil? Bruynzeel Design Pencil 8615 F. Sharp, but not too

7. Tell us an odd/random fact about yourself:  I have what neuroscientists refer to as ‘left-right-confusion’. Really. It’s a thing.

8. Ocean or lake? I find historical illustrations and imagery of ocean creatures and vessels terribly romantic but the idea of being in open water myself is terrifying. Go figure.

9.Early bird or night owl? Night owl

10. Are you a list-maker? On your computer, or with pen and paper? I generally keep lists in my head. Prioritizing and rearranging on the fly and forgetting the non-important stuff until it is important. It’s a bit like mental whack-a-mole.

11. Favorite time of day? Early, early mornings which is unfortunate given my night owl schedule.

12. Some people do, some people don’t: do you wear hats? When it’s cold, yes. I’m a fan of the plain black stocking cap pulled down low.

13. Would you rather cook, or do the dishes? I’m lucky that my beloved does most of the cooking and I’m happy to do the dishes.

14. Are you on time or do you run late? Exactly on time.

15. Are you spontaneous or do you like to plan ahead? Plan ahead.

16. Do you buy books or use the public library? Both. My book consumption is a bit out of control this year. I get through a book every few days plus I listen to audiobooks in the studio while I work. I buy what I’m too impatient to wait for from the library and if I get something from the library that I love, I go back and buy it to keep it close.

17. Do you consider yourself an optimist? I generally think things will turn out well and when they don’t, there is still something to be gained.

18. Cats or dogs? Neither or both? We have both in our house.

19. Favorite color? Gray, of course.

20. Are you good at card and board games? Yes! Let’s play!

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