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modaspia is a small collection of timeless clothing by Ursula Dean. Inspired by the comfort with which children wear and move in their clothes, Ursula makes clothes that are both easy to wear and beautiful. With Ursula’s pitch perfect attention to detail and good design (take note, dresses with pockets!), modaspia’s line is a year round staple for your closet.

Based in northern California, Ursula is opening a small brick and mortar shop (soon!) which is sure to be lovely. She’ll be sending a little collection of dresses and striped tees to us at KINDRED that you won’t want to miss.

Ursula likes the smell of wool, narcissus, and christmas trees. She also likes old doll dresses, biographies, strong coffee, hot baths, and glenmorangie.

Ursula dislikes computer skills, getting lost, being late, and missing breakfast.

photos courtesy of modaspia

Twenty Questions with Ursula

1. What’s the last great book you read, or just an all-time favorite? From A to Biba (barbara hulanicki’s autobiography), a great read.

2. Favorite season/time of year? the fall.

3. Album you have on repeat right now? richard and mimi farina/reflections in a crystal wind 1966.

4. Can you drive stick shift? of course.

5. Favorite type of pen and/or pencil? sharpened.

6. Tell us an odd/random fact about yourself  learned to sew at 30.

7.Early bird or night owl?  bird.

8. A favorite meal? a spicy curry with a nice IPA.

9. Favorite time of day? when my son wakes up.

10. Where were you born? cape fear hospital, north carolina.

11. Would you rather cook, or do the dishes? neither.

12. Do you dance in public or would you rather not? love to dance.

13. Are you spontaneous or do you like to plan ahead? mostly spontaneous but the more ambitious ideas take a year.

14. Do you buy books or use the public library? both.

15. Do you have a favorite place in San Francisco? the trail that goes through the woods out in the sea cliff area.

16. Do you consider yourself an optimist? yes.

17. Favorite color? blue-green, gold, orange.

18. Are you good at math?  no.

19. Do you read your horoscope? love oracles of any kind.

20. Are you good at card and board games? no.

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