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leah duncan

Leah Duncan is an illustrator and designer whose work ranges from textiles to surface patterns. Inspired by her old neighborhood in East Austin and her love of nature Leah creates a range where folk meets modern and quirky meets beautiful. Leah now lives in Brooklyn, NY.

We are so excited to be able to share Leah’s beautiful work with you at Kindred!

Leah likes morning coffee, breakfast tacos, manners, bic roundstick pens, avocados, pink, her pit mix Oslo, sunny weather, her favorite pajama pants, southern accents, and topo chico.

Leah dislikes traffic lights, a lack of manners, red meat, capital letters, and shoelaces.

all photos courtesy of Leah Duncan

20 Questions with Leah

1. Coffee or tea? Both! Coffee in the morning, sweet tea in the afternoon, and decaf green tea in the evening. Usually not all in the same day but sometimes admittedly so.

2. Favorite season/time of year? Spring

3. Sweet or savory? Sweet

4. Album you have on repeat right now? The Johnny Cash Songbook

5. Can you drive stick shift? No, although I’ve tried. Once upon a time a friend of mine and I were going to try out for the Amazing Race, so we enlisted a coworker to teach us (very necessary for driving on the show). I’m pretty sure we damaged his car. We also never managed to try out for the show.

6. Favorite type of pen and/or pencil? bic roundstick pens

7. Tell us an odd/random fact about yourself – I talk for our animals, i.e. my husband gets asked how his day went when he gets home by our dog. It’s a unique gift inherited from my mom.

8. Ocean or lake? Ocean wins.

9.Early bird or night owl? Night owl

10. A favorite meal? Mushroom Risotto

11. Are you a list-maker? On your computer, or with pen and paper? Heavens yes with a pen and paper.

12. Do you dance in public or would you rather not? I embarrass my husband on a regular basis.

13. Are you on time or do you run late? I’m always a little late!

14. Are you spontaneous or do you like to plan ahead? Both. Is that possible?

15. Secret junk food vice? Cheez-Its

16. Do you consider yourself an optimist? Yes

17. Cats or dogs? Neither or both? Both

18. Favorite color? Yellow

19. Are you able to go to the grocery store and buy only what’s on your list? Yes

20. Do you read your horoscope? Daily


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