kindred holiday


bookhou is a small family run business that believes in slow design. each piece they make is made one at a time, by hand, using materials that are organic or eco-friendly. the screen prints feature our original drawings printed using solvent free ink. bookhou is a multidisciplinary studio/shop since 2002. the brick and mortar shop is located at 798 dundas west in toronto.

I have two triangle print bags from bookhou that I use all the time. The larger one is big enough for a morning at the farmers’ market or a day trip. And the smaller tote is perfect for everyday use – room enough for wallet, sunglasses, a little notebook and pencil, an extra roll up bag for groceries or what-have-you, a paperback book or iPad.

arounna loves linen, a freshly washed floor, a hot cup of chai tea, cake right out of the oven and the sound of her kids laughing. she dislikes biting into cold apples, walking in the rain with wet socks and the smell of strong perfume.
all photos courtesy of bookhou

20 Questions

1. Coffee or tea? tea

2. What’s the last great book you read, or just an all-time favorite? to kill a mocking bird

3. Favorite season/time of year? fall

4. Sweet or savory? savory

5. Album you have on repeat right now? babel

6. Can you drive stick shift? nope

7. Favorite type of pen and/or pencil? .5 micropen

8. Tell us an odd/random fact about yourself - when I was 14 I wanted to be a pilot and was in the air cadets and flew glider plane, stopped going towards a pilot’s license because the weather component put my brain in a loop

9. Ocean or lake? ocean

10.Secret junk food vice? red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing

11.Early bird or night owl? night owl

12. A favorite meal? a japanese meal

13. Are you a list-maker? On your computer, or with pen and paper? oh I like writing it down, gives me a sense of purpose

14. Favorite time of day? late afternoon

15. Some people do, some people don’t: do you wear hats? love hats

16. Where were you born? vientiane, laos

17. Would you rather cook, or do the dishes? I can’t cook if my life depends on it and I love to do the dishes.

18. Do you dance in public or would you rather not? yes

19. Are you on time or do you run late? always on time

20. Are you spontaneous or do you like to plan ahead? I’m a planner

21. Do you buy books or use the public library? buy books

22. Do you have a favorite place in San Francisco? I was there on my honeymoon & love
goldengate bridge & coit tower

23. Do you consider yourself an optimist? yes

24. Cats or dogs? Neither or both? both

25. Favorite color? grey

26. Are you able to go to the grocery store and buy only what’s on your list? never

27. Are you good at math? nope

28. Do you get seasick? yes

29. Do you read your horoscope? yes

30. Are you good at card and board games? yes


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