kindred holiday

shanna murray

Shanna creates her work from a small, sunny studio above the Erie Canal in Western NY. She believes in the limitless opportunity we all have to positively affect one another’s lives. It is in this spirit that she developed her line of illustrated decals, paper goods and stamps.

From our end, Shanna’s work is simply lovely, the details always  just right. I so admire the quiet beauty and grace her art evokes. We are so very lucky to have Shanna sending pretty things for KINDRED. Also did you notice – how could you not? – that our logo is by her.

Shanna likes snow, sparkly things, early mornings, the perfect cup of tea, buildings made from stone, black ribbon, time with loved ones, toast, collaborating, and long walks with her dog, Oliver.

She dislikes the smell of wet peanut butter when rinsing a knife, being far away from family, tropical weather.

all photos courtesy of Shanna Murray

20 Questions with Shanna

1. Coffee or tea? Tea

2. What’s the last great book you read, or just an all-time favorite? All-time favorite: Winter’s Tales by Isak Dinesen

3. Favorite season/time of year? Autumn.

4. Album you have on repeat right now? Andrew Bird’s Hands of Glory

5. Can you drive stick shift? Yes.

6. Ocean or lake? Ocean.

7.Secret junk food vice? Ice cream!

8.Early bird or night owl? Early bird.

9. Are you a list-maker? On your computer, or with pen and paper? Yes. Pen and paper.

10. Favorite time of day? Morning, before sunrise.

11. Would you rather cook, or do the dishes? Cook!

12. Do you dance in public or would you rather not? Sure!

13. Are you spontaneous or do you like to plan ahead? I like a nice mix of both.

14. Do you consider yourself an optimist? Absolutely.

15. Cats or dogs? Neither or both? Dogs.

16. Favorite color? Black.

17. Are you able to go to the grocery store and buy only what’s on your list? Never!

18. Do you get seasick? No.

19. Do you read your horoscope? Only when in a good mood.

20. Are you good at card and board games? I love cribbage!

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